The information and counseling centre for women is supported by the registered association called „Psychologische Frauenberatung e. V.“. It is an independent organisation and refers exclusively to women. Psychologists and social workers inform and support women when they are in need of help.

You may contact the centre if you    

  • have got problems within your partnership or marriage
  • are currently experiencing violence or did so in your childhood and are suffering from it
  • would like information about legal questions concerning divorce or
  • want to talk about problems with the educational upbringing of your children
  • have questions about the health service in Germany

and in all other cases where you need help and feel left alone.

This offer is free of charge and anonymous if you wish. All employees are bound to observe confidentiality.

You may contact us via answering machine. Don’t forget to leave your name and number and information about the best time for us to reach you. One of our employees will call you back to suggest a date for an appointment and will mention  her personal name only.


Frauenberatungsstelle Bielefeld  (Information and counseling centre for women)
Psychologische Frauenberatung e.V.
33613 Bielefeld

Phone: 05 21 – 12 15 97